cam00098An all-round professional with extensive experience in building  consumer facing applications and leading digital initiatives. Strong technical background with ability to visualize, architect and manage platforms, products and re-engineering efforts that drives revenue and market share. Have built teams from scratch and scaled them to > 150+.

My current interests are around Data Platforms, Data Lake, Analytics Infrastructure, Infrastructure as Code and Log aggregation frameworks.

I work with teams today to

  • Build a Data Platform using Cloud Native, Serverless Technologies that primarily addresses event driven workloads.
  • Develop data pipelines that can handle fast and big data.

My world revolves around these technologies today:  AWS, S3, Lambda, DynamoDB, Elastisearch, Kibana, AWS IOT, Kinesis, EMR, Spark, Spark ML, AWS ML, Redshift, Aurora, Druid, Presto, API Gateway, Cloud Formation Templates and other AWS Services.

I started my career as a developer and always wanted to be a hardcore technical person during the initial days of my career. After working for about 9+ years, it was a conscious decision from my side to transition and learn the managerial aspects of this business. I took up my IT Project+ and PMP Certifications as part of my transition exercise, learnt People Management from some of the best managers during my transition.

As part of the transition my interest moved towards the process aspect. I started practicing and implementing extreme Programming, Scrum and Kanban Practices in the teams I worked.

The Corporate world didn’t allow me to stay as a Development / Engineering Manager for a very long time. I had to take up other roles. For couple of years, I was involved in building a Business Group. Had a chance to build a very special group of around 150 people. I would say it as one of my best achievements in my career.

I was really lucky to solution, architect, build and manage complex Framework development engagements multiple times. Over a period, apart from Delivery, my interest moved towards Pre-Sales and Solutioning.

Due to my back pain problem, I moved out of Delivery. I am not involved in Revenue Targets, PnL, Gross Margin, and Budgeting etc. atleast for now…

I am fortunate to have worked with some of the best talent in the last 18+ years. Working with great people has helped me work on all the aspects of software development and that’s what I really enjoy (Not restricting myself with any aspect).

I started writing this blog 8 years ago, to capture all the good links I used to read (there were not many bookmarking sites available at that time). Graduated from posting link posts, I started using this space as a way to express my learning’s on Software Development. My blogging frequency has definitely come down now. I at the most post a blog entry per month.
I am active in twitter (you can follow me @polyglotpro)

If you are looking for someone to discuss/consult anything related to Digital Business Models & Transformation, Architecture & Technology Trends and Data Engineering and In-Memory Computing, please feel free to contact me. I would be happy to discuss with you.

As always, Happy Learning!!!!

~ Prakash Jothiramalingam (Prakash J)